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Please be careful of SPAM MAIL !!

mail@dentech.co.jp ← SPAM MAIL, pls do NOT open !!

Recently, one of our customer received below SPAM MAIL.
This is not from DENTECH, pls do NOT open it.

SPAM MAIL address : mail@dentech.co.jp ← SPAM MAIL, pls do NOT open !!

SPAM MAIL message :
Dear all,
We kindly request that you follow this link “a link was written here “and sign-in with your email to view this information fromDENTECH to all active dealers.
This announcement has been uploaded for your kind information through our secure information sharing portal which is linked to your email server.
Contact us for more details.

Above email address and message is from SPAM MAIL.
Please do not open it, it is NOT from DENTECH