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Bone Trephines

26-2-2Bone Trephine is used for collection of big volume of  bone .

Enough exercise is recommended before  use .
















Stainless steel Autoclabvable(Up to 132℃)
Marking position : From the blade part tip  2㎜,2.3㎜,4㎜,4.5㎜,6㎜,6.3㎜,8㎜,8.5㎜,10㎜,10.3㎜



External Diameter : Internal Diameter + 0.8㎜






SizeExternal Diameter(φD1)Internal Diameter(φD2)Overall Length
Bone Trephine 5.0 External Coolingφ5.8φ5.028.0㎜
Bone Trephine 6.0 External Coolingφ6.8φ6.028.0㎜
Bone Trephine 8.0 External Coolingφ8.8φ8.028.0㎜
Bone Trephine 10.0 External Cooling φ10.8φ10.028.0㎜
Bone Trephine 12.0 External Coolingφ12.8φ12.028.0㎜