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Trephine Burs

26-1Trephine Burs do not have blade at center , thus it will be rather difficult to get smooth cutting for a start . Enough exercise is recommended before use .
After Trephine Burs penetrate into bone , then smooth cutting is available . To avoid choking on bone inside  Trephine Bur , pull of Trephine Burs up and down , so that bone will always remain at patient . Remained bone can be collected by surgical curettes . Enough cooling and possibly low speed is recommended to avoid heat damage against bone .





16-1Stainless steel   Autoclavable(Up to 132℃)Marking position : From blade part  2㎜,4㎜,6㎜,8㎜,10㎜

Internal Diameter : External Diameter – 0.8㎜





SizeExternal Diameter(φD1)Internal Diameter(φD2)Overall Length
Trephine Bur 2.4 Internal Coolingφ2.4φ1.638.0㎜
Trephine Bur 2.7 Internal Coolingφ2.4φ1.638.0㎜
Trephine Bur 3.0 Internal Coolingφ3.0φ2.238.0㎜
Trephine Bur 3.3 Internal Coolingφ3.3φ2.538.0㎜
Trephine Bur 3.8 Internal Coolingφ3.8φ3.038.0㎜
Trephine Bur 4.3 Internal Coolingφ4.3φ3.538.0㎜
Trephine Bur 5.0 Internal Coolingφ5.0φ4.238.0㎜
Trephine Bur 6.0 Internal Coolingφ6.0φ5.238.0㎜