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Para Drill Aid

Stainless stell    Autoclavable(Up to 132℃)

Para Drill Aid Ⅱ enables to drilling parallel implant hole .
It becomes easy to from a parallel drill hole for the hall that becomes a standard , and the operation time can
be shortened .
Various size drill can be used by detaching Parallel Sleeves and Parallel Pins .
The opening and shutting position can be firmly fixed with the switch . Moreover
, after Allen wrench is used , it is
possible to fix strongly .
Spacing of the holes
Smallset : 5mm
Biggest : 80mm






Parallel Sleaves

Size φ1.8/φ2.0/φ2.35







Parallel Pins

Size  φ1.8S/φ1.8L/φ2.0S/φ2.0L