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Oral Mirror

Big Oral Mirror

Big Oral Mirrors are made of Fine stainless steel and precisely polished. Coated by precious metal “RHODIUM”. It enables clear and fine images with very high reflection efficiency.

Sterilization; Mirrors: Cold solutions, Autoclave(132℃), E.O.G. Silicone handles: Cold solutions, Autoclave (Dry heat are prohibited).
mirror3          mirror31          mirror32



#1 : Side views . #2 : Occulusal views (medium). #3 : Occulusal views(large)

image22      image3


Only one side of these products can be used.
Silicone handles achieve easy operation while taking photo.
#4 and #5 are anatomical design.



Do not touch the surface and clash into other instruments.
Do not wash and clean with ultrasonic.
Carefully wash and clean the mirror by using gauze with neutral detergent.
Autoclave the mirror with attached protective bag.