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Mouth Opener

Dryfield Mouth Props



#1 Labial                                   #2 Large(Posterior)                      #3 Small(Posterior)


Polycarbonate   Autoclavable(Up to 121℃)※Dry heat prohibited.

Great for air – abrasion prep and sealants .
・Comfortably holds the jaw open
・Retracts and protects the patients cheek and tongue
・create a moisture – free environment
・Made of clear

Lip & Cheek Retractor

picture of retractorPolycarbonate   Autoclavable(Up to 121℃)※Dry heat are prohibited.


To retractor cheeks and to have a better view .
Can be packed by quantities of customer’s order .

Lip Expanders

ripper1ripper3 poly – propylene   Autoclavable(Up to 121℃)※Dry heat are prohibited.
Superb anterior access .
Available in an adult , child or assorted
(adult / child) set .
・Soft , plastic frame
・Comfortable for the patient
・Provides excellent anterior access .

Bite Expander

bite expanderSilicorne rubber and Polyproylene   Autoclavable(Up to 121℃)
※Dry heat are prohibited.


Keep lip pulled with Bite Block.
Broad view & Space for various treatments.
4 patterns available for every treated area.
Easy to change pattern.
Comfortable for patient by Bite Block with Silicone & Retractor in Polypropylene.
Fit lip well by adjustable Retractor.
Autoclabable at 121 degrees centigrade without drying process.