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Occlusal Adjustment

Y-type Articulating Paper Holder



Stainless steel

Autoclavable(Up to 132℃)


Sure holding of Articulating papers
by pins and holes .
Ideal to make for full dentures .
Size : Large 74 x 60mm
Small 66 x 48mm

M-type Articulating Paper Holder

articulating_paper_polder1_m_typeStainless steel   Size:145mm
Autoclavable(Up to 132℃)
It is made with milled in order not to move articulating paper and designed to be convenient for the operator .

Tooth Contact Gauge



Stainless steel  Autoclavable(Up to 132℃)


For checking interdental contact points .
In three colour – coded thicknesses .
Blur Gauge : 0.05 x 3 Pieces Yellow Gauge : 0.11 x 1
piece Red Gauge : 0.15 x 1 piece
Holder : 130 x 22mm

Tongue Guard Saliva Ejector

※MTO item : MOQ 100 pcs
Stainless steel  Autoclavable(Up to 132℃)
Size : 138 x 80mm
Three different sizes metal reflectors are changeable
and they protect tongue from turbine .
Pipe : brass , chrohm plated