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KSK Rubber Dam Clamps

205      clamp_M         clamp_B
Autoclavable(Up to 132℃)
In addition to “Glossy Clamp”, there are three kinds of clamps of “Matt Clamp” and “Black Clamp”.These new models of Rubber Dam Clamps “BLACK” and “MATT” are supplied with particular surface finish which enable to prevent glare of rubberdam clamps even in strong operation light.As a results, they protect the eye fatigue of dentists while endodontic treatment.Rubber Dam Clamps are made of special spring tempered stainless steel.
This material has ideal spring action for Rubber Dam Clamps, as well as maximum corrosion resistance.
Every production lot is examined by metal fatigue test which assures good spring action and long life time.


Important Safety Instructions

It is likely to transform and to break when force is excessively added .
Please do not expand rubber dam clamps more than the necessity .
(within the width of each tooth +1.5mm )
There is a possibility that these clamps would get damaged due to metal fatigue
over 4,000 times used .